Stay safe online

How to secure your data?

Filed in Technology | Posted by sexy on 1st April 2019

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Stay safe online in digital world

Always update your software since older versions may no longer supported by the manufacturer and hence are susceptible to having vulnerabilities and bugs. 

Spyware is a type of virus that is designed to steal information about your activities on your digital device. They can create pop up advertisements on your windows or take screen shots of the sites you visit such as your bank login details. They can also log the keys you type and send information to the hackers. These viruses can replicate themselves and infect other devices. 

It is best not to open emails from unknown senders because they could be spam emails. If you accidentally open them and recognise they are not from your known contacts, delete them immediately and do not forward them to other people. These spam emails contain hoax viruses appearing to be advertising goods or services. They can be chain emails. One type of spam emails is phishing email which is claimed to be from a genuine source such as your bank or a trusted firm. They normally try to trick you to into entering your personal information, bank details, login details on a fake version of your company website.

Legitimate website

You should always check the domain name address of your website you visit. It should have a padlock icon and ‘https’. This indicates that the site is secure and encrypted. Any page that requires you to enter any sort of authentication such as username and password or personal details like banking information to have the address beginning with ‘https’. The padlock means the connection to the website is secure and that site has been checked by a third party to ensure that it is a valid site. You should not enter unsafe sites as they could be infected with spams. Fraudsters can easily apply for credit in your name once they have your private information.

Check how strong is your password.

What can you do to make sure that your data is safe online? 

You can secure your usernames and passwords by use a combination of capital letters, lower case, numbers and special characters to make it strong and difficult to hack. Use different passwords for different log in details. If a hacker gains access to one account then they could potentially gain access to more of your accounts. Change your passwords regularly. You should lock your computer when it is not in use and this will keep you stay safe online. Review your privacy settings on social media and only accept requests from people you know. Think about the information you choose to post. 

Password Tips

Create passwords that are more than 15 characters long to make it more difficult for hackers to crack your password. Avoid using the same passwords across all services. If someone discover the password for one of your services, they will not be able to use it for log in to another service you manage. A strong password contains a minimum of 8 characters and is a combination of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols so making it hard to crack.

Your privacy is very important in digital world. Keep your details save and secure.

Protect yourself and society from harm. I check my website and review the contents regularly. I make sure that there are no harmful materials being posted by users.

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