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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a time consuming job and you will not see the result straight away. Increase search engine traffic to your site will increase your sales and profits. Your site will rank better and more people will find you. Your URL structure, keywords, post titles and images have an effect on how your page ranks.

Keywords are often compared with the words found within links that guide people to the post and in the title of the post itself to see whether they match. Search engines analyse the title for keyword content. You can also change URL structure to include your keyword.

Search engines assess the links flowing into your site for number, quality and they evaluate your website accordingly. If a site that has a high page rank (a value from 0 to 10) features a link to your page, search engines take notice and assume that you have authority on a subject. This is called an external link. You should also link internally within your site. For example, you can read about backlinks on a different post within this site.

The metadata on a website contains the information that describes to search engines what your site is about. The metadata shows up as a synopsis on search results. The search engine pulls the page title and page description. If you do not add your own metadata the search engine will pull their description from the title and the first few sentences of the page. Those first few lines are not likely to represent what your page is all about since not many people will write the summary at the beginning of the post.

Most people who search will not look past the first two pages that is positions 1 to 20. Sites such as Moz ( can help small businesses rank better.

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