Doing Money

Drama based on true story

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Doing Money is a BBC drama about sex trafficking and modern slavery in Northern Ireland and Sweden. It was aired on November 5th 2018, based on a true story of Ana who was a young Romanian woman. She was snatched in broad daylight from a London street.

The gangs threaten to kill her mother if she resisted. So she was trafficked to Northern Ireland and Sweden, and used as a sex slave for around 10 months in a series of pop-up brothels. Thousands of men raped her.

Personally, I believed the film was over exaggerating. The clients paid cash to the lady pimp. Ana sat in the room. And she looked no less like a dead zombie. No, it is not what my 4 year escort experience was at all. You would have scared any client off. A client should not pay the pimp, he should pay the girl direct. I worked on my own. I also worked with my escort friends sometimes. The agencies were very friendly and nice to me. And they helped me to market my profile. I worked for a couple of agencies. And I did not have any one to watch and control me 24/7. As a result, I imagine it must be hard for Ana.

In the film, there was one scene that Ana answered the phone herself. I did not know why she could not dial emergency or even speak to one or two of those thousands men she met. It said she travelled alone to Sweden. She could have seemed help. I do feel sorry for Ana.

How true is it?

The other girls did not look attractive and no one would hire them as a companion according to the film. It seemed like a lock up cage and they let those monsters to come humiliate the girls. They looked a state. The pimps ratio to the girls were unreal. 2 pimps: 1 girl. This means they spent so much time and resource to micro control the girls. Imagine the number of pimps to escort each girl. They have to go everywhere with the girl, even to put cash in the post office.

Clients want a beautiful companion who looks presentable, easy to talk to. I saw that Ana did not look happy and a client should notice there was something wrong and could help her. I am sorry for her.

They had no fixed place for the girls to see clients. And the pimps escorted the girl to the the client. It was unreal. The client should know there was something not right. There was a difference between to be there to provide protection and to control. Ana looked half dead and who wanted her to be a date for the night? 

My viewpoint vs doing money

There are apps and websites that allow working girls to advertise themselves. There are no such pimps to control those girls. The girls live in their own place and they can do what they want to do. They have their own smartphone. I believe this drama was not up to date. It should depict a location where there was no internet or smartphone. And those poor girls including Ana were locked up in a harem somewhere in the dark world. The settings were just ridiculous on the show. I do not understand why those monstrous clients would want to see those girls who look a state. Moreover, any girls who thought they were forced, they could just go to the police. It is 4G world.

Watching the whole program was quite a task. It was not easy to watch. In the end, I am glad the police set her and the other girls free. And the Romanian gang served justice.

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