Being London Escorts

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Being London Escorts

My name is Vicky and I was one of the many escorts in London. I have been an escort for 4 years now. I was introduced to escorting by one of my friends. My first try was in a gentlemen club but I soon  realised that I was not meant for just a lap dancing. I wanted more and loved other types of services. To be a successful escort, I would say you have to be very willing to meet new people and have great attitude. You will spend a good time with men and make them happy with your services. 

London Girl

New arrivals who provide good services always win the attention of many clients. Escorts and agencies value regulars and know for sure they will not cause any trouble. London escort agencies have extensive client base. I loved those intelligent businessmen who travel to London constantly. They usually hired me as a dinner date. If they did not have enough time, I only visited them at their hotel. I made sure they had a great time during their visit to London. This short term satisfaction works well. This kind of relationship does not make them emotionally involved and there would be no cheating or deception. I enjoyed this straight forward arrangements. It is a great deal. I got the money for time and companionship and got to choose my own working hours. I advertised my profile with a couple of agencies at the time. 

Needless to say, I did meet nearly all types of men and they are not the same. Some are too old, and smelly and the others are too fat. Some have bad body odour and the others have bad breaths. I just told them to have a shower first and that included in the time. You will gain a life experience from being london escorts. I have now set up this website in the hope that it would help others both clients and working escorts to find love and the kind of relationship that they are searching for. First timers can understand what to expect when they meet their escort for a perfect date. 

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