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Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage.

A backlink is a webpage that links to any other page. They represents a vote of confidence from one site to another. They send a signal to search engines that other vouch for your content. Not all backlinks are created equal. Always use trusted professional websites.

For examples, a quality backlink should come from a trusted and authoritative website and include your target keyword in the link’s anchor text.

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Punterlink and Euro Girls Escort are also very popular directories for backlinks.

Linkbuilding is a difficult product as it is time consuming. You will not see the results straight away as you relate your website to others. However, some marketers use content marketing as a new way to build links in order to rank better on search engines.

Other terms related to backlinks


Referrals occur when a user clicks any hyperlink that takes them to a page or file in another website. This could be text, an image or any other type of link. When a user arrives at your site from another site, the server records the referral information in the hit log for every file requested by that user. If the user found the link by using a search engine, the server records the search engine’s name and any keywords used. Referrals gives you an indication of what social media site as well as links from other websites are directing traffic to your site.

Traffic sources are a matriculates that tells you how visitors found your website such as via direct traffic, referring sites or search engines.

Pageview refers to the number of unique views a web page has received. A page is a web document including HTML pages, posts or pages, scripts, video files, sound files. However, image files, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets are not included. The pageview statistic is more important and accurate that a hit statistic because it does not include images or other items that may register hits on your site.

Hit is any request to the web server for any type of file.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visits in which the person leaves your site from the entrance page. The high bounce rate means that visitors do not find your landing page relevant to them. The landing page should provide the information and services that the ad promises. Having a low bounce rate means the visitors stay there for longer them.

Meta tag is a special HTML tag that provides information about a web page such as who created the page, how often it is updated, the title of the page, the description of the page’s content, and the keywords.

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