Organic Search

Filed in | Posted by sexy on 9th October 2018

Organic Search

Organic search is important. Sexy Escort London is becoming visible and attracting audience. Good contents are being published. Then the site will be diversified. I will invest on paid ads and create identities across social platforms. I can now promote my website on Twitter and Instagram. Facebook and Pinterest are next. I have links to other platforms too.

What is organic search? It is better for delivering relevant traffic. Paid search is accounted for certain percentage of overall traffic. When I have more fundings I will add paid search. Traffic from social platform like Facebook is also quite high. But you have no control over changes made by them. They might change their strategies and start billing you. You want long term and the bounce rates low, you need organic search. Deliver good content and I hope my website will be visible in many searches. I hope to be consistently advertiser and hence my customers can stay and come back to my website again. ‘Our Blog’ page is being updated regularly.


Vicky ❤️