Escort Services

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Escort Services

Escort services are detailed on her profile. It is entirely up to her if she feels comfortable to offer such a service to her client. Her own discretion is a final decision.

Check the escort’s details and rates before contacting her. Do not call or email unless you are genuinely interested. Timewasters are reported and shared among agencies in the industry.

Be respectful and friendly towards the escort.

Never haggle over charges. If an escort rate is too high and you cannot afford. You can just mention the rate is beyond what you had in mind then move on. The website shows the rate per hour. Trying to negotiate fees will result in less polite treatment and blacklisted.

Making smutty calls and sending rude emails is not funny or clever. it is infantile and a waste of your time. You will not get the response you are seeking. If you are really into this kind of thing, call a chatline. Most agencies have a blacklist and they share this information.

Good personal hygiene

Cleanliness is a must. An escort is unlikely to let you get closed to her if your breath smells like 4 week old milk. Have a shower before your date. Put on clean clothes and have a shave. They love a gentlemen.

Have the payment ready in cash. You have already found out how much it is going to cost. Spare both of you any embarrassment before the date happens. Make sure the amount is correct. Some doggy clients would turn up and say ‘I left my wallet in my car, can I nip out and come back?’. Some even try to do a fake bank transfer. As a result, those will be on a blacklist. There are many things should and shouldn’t.

An escort usually has a checking pen or torch for counterfeit money. Do not attempt to pay her with fake cash. An escort will report you. The property has a CCTV for safety.

Your escort will feel very special knowing that you thought of her before your time together. You can bring her favourite flowers, perfume and lingerie. Every woman loves them. You will receive best escort services. And you would want to come back again. You could see it as being very real.