Abortion and Relationship

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I do believe abortion is necessary. People should be able to access abortion services when needed. The sooner the better. Your own conscience tells you what is right or wrong. You could have a really good relationship at first then time proves you were wrong. Everything at the beginning was blossom and I fell that love at first sight was not in just a fairytale. Having thought about future how I will raise my child and I am asking myself am I really ready for this? I went to get help and my mind was everywhere. Was it the right decision? Maybe I should have got an abortion.

When my child was born, I thought I did my best to raise him. But the fact is I was not ready. I was not capable of being a good mum. The feelings of self-blame have burden inside me everyday. My other half was not able to father my child. Everyone knows someone who has been in that relationship. Women are being seen as the role model of mother. But I believe fathers should do more. I do not want my child to grow up and become a problem of the society. I made the wrong choice and I have to live with the consequences. Having been on emotional rollercoaster is only making things worse. That is something I should seek help. It determined the course of the rest of my life.

If you are in England, Scotland and Wales, you can get an induced miscarriage for free through NHS.


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